Architecting Resilient Systems


ENARIS® offers you a single source of accumulated expertise in the implementation of smart embedded software systems that combine the intelligence of smart devices with the reliability and safety of high-quality engineering products “Made in Germany”, all the while meeting various constraints such as cost and energy consumption. We help you make sure that your smart products satisfy the stringent requirements of your customers and certification authorities, thus allowing you to exploit the promising business potential of intelligent systems while keeping pace with current developments in technology.

Re-thinking software

Embedded software systems in vehicles, machines and equipment have to be viewed in a different light these days. Just like the software itself, these systems must be intelligent, open, agile and interconnected, while offering a high level of safety and reliability. After all, artificial intelligence can never be dependable unless it has an intelligent system to work with. The harmonization of intelligence, reliability and safety in smart embedded systems is what we refer to as resilient intelligence.

Enabling your digital transformation

As a pioneer in the field of resilient intelligence in smart embedded systems, we help you integrate the necessary intelligence into your products and technical devices, while meeting the highest demands for quality. We have the tools and components, plus the comprehensive know-how and a reputation developed over many years, that you need to turn your digital vision into reality. Talk to us about your vision and benefit from the experience that we have acquired over the course of numerous industry and public sector projects.

Here is an overview of our services

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