Mission and vision

We develop intelligent architectures for resilient systems.

Our vision

A world in which your technical devices interconnect intelligently with their environment to create more added value for your users.

Our mission

Under the motto »Architecting Resilient Intelligence«, we rely on the latest scientific findings to develop intelligent architectures that combine the necessary processing power and agility, with the required dependability, in order to make interconnected intelligent systems possible. We help companies and organizations make the digital transformation from embedded systems to smart embedded systems.

Intelligence refers to cognitive machines with capabilities that encompass not only learning and remembering, but also communicating and adapting, thus transforming them into intelligent, open and adaptive systems.

By resilience we mean a guarantee that dependability will be maintained, in line with dependability research, despite a highly dynamic and flexible operating environment.

Finally, architectures form the foundation for harmonizing intelligence and resilience, which together combine the necessary processing power and adaptability, with operational safety and dependability requirements, to ensure the success of these new generations of systems.

At the same time the goal is to not only create architectures for intelligent systems, but to make the actual architectures more intelligent, so that – inspired by nature – they become self-adapting, self-organizing and ultimately form a resilient, digital ecosystem of smart embedded systems.

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